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Why You Should Switch Your Business To VoIP?

Imagine…You are traveling and receive that urgent voicemail message in your e-mail inbox. Or you are at the internet café and get an important business call on your laptop. This is what defines the world of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

With this service, your business calls can be transported over the internet as data. This will dramatically lower your telecommunication costs and increase the productivity of your business. VoIP also offers useful features that conventional phone technology cannot.

But in order for your business to move from the sidelines and make a successful switch to VoIP, it is important to hire the best SIP provider in Florida. EZ Connect is a VoIP service provider that is known for helping savvy businesses around the world to compete and flourish in cloud communications.

Complying with the industry set standards of security and privacy regulations, EZ Connect has bridged international borders and continents, making every contact a personal experience.
Here are 4 reasons you should switch your business to VoIP with this best SIP provider in Florida:
VoIP services make your business communication system highly flexible
 Voice over Internet protocol allows business owners to do things that are not possible with traditional’ phone technology. For instance, you will be able to:

a)  Take your phone system with you

Provided you have access to a reliable broadband connection, customers, and employees can stay in touch using your regular business phone number.
b)  Talk on your laptop

A majority of VoIP systems comprise of telephony software that makes it possible to send and receive calls by the use of a microphone unit or services allow for the automatic forwarding of faxes and forward them to other respondents.
c)  Get faxes with your email

VoIP services allow for the automatic forwarding of faxes to your regular email box. This makes it easy to archive faxes and forward them to other respondents.

2.  VoIP offers a reliable communication solution

This service ties together all communications. Co-workers and clients can not only keep in contact with a single business number but they can also communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. This way, important business calls will not be missed, no matter where you are!

 3.  VoIP promotes business continuity

This new emerging form of communications brings about disaster recovery and redundancy. It allows for easy moving of phone connections offsite. This kind of redundancy and failover ensures business operations are full throttle. Even in cases of a power outage, you will not rely on a single provider to get up and running. Provided there is a good internet connection, you will have a reliable phone line. This flexibility promotes business continuity and avoids any downtime.

 4.  VoIP has low maintenance costs

Small businesses cannot necessarily afford to keep up with expensive IT support. Even a majority of big businesses want to cut down on such costs. VoIP is a rationalized communication structure that significantly reduces maintenance costs. A VoIP plan lets the service provider take care of the hardware on-premises as well as off-premises. This is priceless.

Many businesses enjoy VoIP because of its affordability. As one of the best SIP providers in Florida, EZ Connect strives to unify your company with this technology. We are confident that the solution is the best for any business. Needless to say, VoIP is the future and you do not want to be left behind!